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You Can Find a Picture of Anything on the Internet Anything Trust Me

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Free online art

How many people do you know who call themselves an “artist”? At least one. Art is omnipresent because its definition is incredibly general and it expands with every new work that is produced. A pile of shoes in the middle of a museum floor is considered art. Paint smeared onto a canvas from a paintbrush grasped by an elephant is considered art. Caricatures, doodles, sketches, scrawls, scratches. All art in their own way. Food has even become a medium for art.

All of these options, and more, can be found right at your fingertips. No longer do we have to travel to a major metropolitan city in order to see the culturally impacting work of the classics or the new and upcoming artists who defy style and challenge convention. With the advent of the internet, we have not just gained the ability to speak in 14