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Are You Getting Ready to Purchase a Home Theater System?

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It was a big night.
August 1, 2017.
After more than a year in the making, the show was finally ready to drop.
With a script written by the local neighbor girl, your family had been waiting for weeks to see the eight episodes that you had been hearing so much about. The fact that the neighbor’s daughter not only wrote the script, but also helped produce the movie, and had one of the top roles, made the release date even more exciting.
You are kind of a night owl so you were actually awake when the big event happened. Scheduled for midnight in California, the online episodes would not be avialable until 2:00 am in the midwest. In spite of the late hour, you were anxious and the fact that the eight episodes took just a little more than hour to watch, made it worth the wait.
Your excite exci

Congressman Steve King Flaunts White Supremacist Views on Live Television Interview

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In light of the nation’s extremely controversial and unprecedented presidential election, it seems that many believe that a celebrity with no political background can change our country into a better place. But what about those who are already in office, and who have already sworn an oath to do what they can to protect the citizens of the United States?

Iowa’s Republican Congressman Steve King has come under fire at the Republican National Convention earlier in July. In what some are calling a ‘hate speech’, King went on live television to endorse white supremacy. And while the Continue Reading