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Why Is Celebrity Culture So Popular In The United States?

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Are you caught up on the latest celebrity news? Hollywood gossip and entertainment is one of the most popular industries in the United States — from selling millions of magazine copies to selling out entire theaters for popular films, you’d be hard-pressed to find an American who isn’t well-versed in celeb gossip, news and art. Actors, actresses and musicians are all talented craftsmen who often use their prestige to bring attention to important issues facing modern Americans. Below is a crash course in anything and everything celebrity gossip, from television industry figures to the most popular musicians.

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If You’re Planning Your Wedding, Have You Considered an Outdoor Tent?

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If you’ve got a wedding coming up, no doubt you are already in the planning stages. Where to hold the service, whom to invite, what kind of food you want to serve and the locations for all of the activities are just a few of the things that can drive you just a little bit looney if you don’t take care. Knot’s 2014 Real Wedding Study revealed that the average couple is engaged for only 14 months. So, with only a little more than a year to plan the wedding, it can be easy to panic if you don’t have the big details like wedding rentals worked out.

If you’re unsure about where you want to hold the service and/or reception, it might be a good idea to consider renting a tent. Wedding tent rentals typically come in packages where you can rent Continue Reading