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Free online art

Did you know humans, at least some form of humans, have been making art for tens of thousands of years? According to National Geographic, the oldest piece of art is a cave painting found in the El Castillo cave of northern Spain. These paintings, featuring hand-prints and dots, are thought to be 41,000 years old.

Our art has evolved over the last 40 millennia. Some of the most famous examples of our work include the “Great Wave off Kanagawa” from 19th century Japan, da Vinci’s 16th century “Mona Lisa”, and Michelangelo’s magnificent Sistine Chapel murals painted in the 1500’s. Even in the last six centuries our art has changed.

Consider computer graphic artists like Pixar, the surrealism of Salvador Dali, and the pop art of Andy Warhol. These things fascinate and excite us. Naturally, we want to find a place where we can easily view great art online. Here are four of the best sources of free online art.

  • ARTnews
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    ARTnews is the oldest, most widely circulated art magazine on the planet. Created in 1902, the outlet has striven to provide its readers with a central source to find great works of art, to find out about the art market, and to educate the public on great artists, both famous and underground. With the world’s shift toward all things digital, ARTnews has made the jump to become one of the best online arts magazines available.

  • Juxtapoz Magazine
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    As an online art magazine, Juxtapoz is vastly different from ARTnews. The outlet features a greater focus on modern, edgy art than most other sources of art online. For instance, the magazine has sections for illustration, graffiti, street art, and artistic adult art; the latter is decidedly not found on many other sites as it is considered to be too risque by some. If readers want a source of art online that is not afraid to push the boundaries, this is likely it.

  • deviantART
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    The webpage known as deviantART has grown into the preeminent forum for artists, amateur and professional, on the worldwide web. Since its inception in August 2000, deviantART has become the largest community of artists on the web. This incredible resource of art online features over 28 million artists and their work. Illustration, computer imagery, photography, and many other mediums all have a place here.

  • 3D Artist Magazine
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    According to First Showing, the 1991 release of “Terminator 2” was incredibly important for motion pictures because of its use of revolutionary computer graphics. Since that time, companies like Pixar have shown just how amazing 3D computer art can be. It is this fact that spawned 3D Artist magazine. This source of computer art online features image galleries showcasing its members’ art, tutorials for newbies, and news about the form.

Whether you are looking for a source of edgy art, a place where you can view more traditional work, or 3D computer pieces, there is a high quality source of art online for you. Further, if you are an artist and want to share your work, deviantART is a powerful tool for getting your work out there. Check out these sources to see what works for you.