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Creative Packaging for Business Success

Many things in life can be considered “keys to success”. This is particularly true in the business world. The business arena can find trends and consumer preferences varying an instant, or change in the matter of a few days.

What can contribute to this variation in consumer temperament? And, more importantly, how does a business anticipate the buying trends of the public? The first factor to consider is the product being marketed. A great idea for a product or a service is crucial for a business to succeed.

But a great idea will be lost if not presented in an attractive, appealing way. This is where the area of creative packaging comes in. Good packaging is essential to creating a successful product in the business world.

Launching a new product, or reintroducing an existing one, is helped immeasurably by clever, eye-catching, consumer-friendly packaging. In fact, it has been reported that consumer interest went up by 30% in businesses that are meticulous and pay attention to the packaging of their products.

Packaging is extremely important in any consumer field, but particularly one where there is a lot of competition for ”real estate” in stores and retail establishments. Items packed on crowded shelves really need to stand out against the competition. Let’s look at some packaging trends for two sectors: pets and their humans.

Packaging for pets is an incredibly lucrative business, and one that continues to grow. It has been reported that 68% of the households in the U.S. own a pet. This averages out to about 84.6 million homes, according to a survey by the APPA National Pet Owners in 2017-2018. Many of these pet owners are the proud “parents” of dogs, and use dog treat bags for their pets.

This makes dog treat bags an enormously popular sector. But dog treat packaging is not the only area of pet food packaging that has introduced a creative packaging idea like the dog treat bags. Also available are pet food packaging for birds and pet food packaging for cats. With Americans spending $69.51 billion in 2017 on their pets, clearly there is a market there for pet food packaging!

And now let’s consider humans, and the impact that packaging has on their purchasing choices. Since many items are purchased in the grocery store, this is a critical area to consider. It is an area of intense density and competition for visibility on the shelf.

Packaging of grocery items is of the utmost importance, with consumers reading the information labels carefully. In fact, while shopping, 85% of consumers have reported that they make their decision to buy an item based on reading the information about the product that is on the package while they are doing their shopping.

Coffee packaging bags and custom candy bags are two key fields where consumers notice a difference in presentation. They consider packaging with features such as being scent-proof and child-resistant, freshness protection and eco-friendly awareness.

To sum up, it is clear that the increase in consumer awareness has impacted the fields of marketing and packaging. In the area of custom product packaging such as coffee bags, pet food suppliers and custom candy bags, many innovative designs have been implemented to answer this awareness. And now these custom packaging bags are available to help market items in a fresh, fun and innovative way!