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Give Your Furry Friends The Fun Food They’d Choose Themselves

For many Americans the animals who are their best friends on a day to day basis are also their children. What better do we want for our children and our furry kids than the best and more creative things that we can own? Food for our furry friends is no different than food for our human children, the only difference is that perhaps it has a few less ingredients and a bit less color. Just as children would pick out their favorite looking custom packaging for their food items, we also gravitate to the best looking food packaging for our dogs, cats, and other housebound animals as well. Custom pet food packaging is sweeping our counters and pantry’s and making us feel the need to purchase them. Why is it that we are so taken with pet food packaging? Does it really matter the look of the bags and cans that we give puppy? Well, a deeper look at custom packing and our obsession with trendiness might be appropriate.

How often is it that when walking through a store the look of a package strikes you and makes you pick it up. Our eyes shop far before our brains and the things that look appealing to us are the ones that makes us feel the need to take a closer look. In fact, these business that pay closer attention to their packaging report a 30% increase in their sales all because of what is on the outside of their packages. Because like all humans, what the eyes attract are the things that we want to go after and learn more about. While this might sound silly, studies have shown this to be true.

Take a second and think about it this way. If you’re walking through an isle of pet treats and the pet treat packaging to your left is a brown paper bag with the words “dog treats” scrawled across it in a messy hand writing are you going to consider them? Or do you go with the packaging design with the happy dog that’s got a dopey grin on his face as he lies atop a pile of these very same treats. The dog on the bag looks thrilled and happy, it’s the type of food you would want to feed to your favorite furry pet, the type of look that you hope can cross your own animal’s face.

Custom pet food packaging matters just as much as the packaging for your son or daughter’s neatly packed lunch. The type of food packing that is going to be gravitated to for your furry friend will be the pet food that makes us stop and wonder if we can make our pets just as happy as the ones on the packaging look. Through these packages we believe that true happiness is possible for our pets.

In an industry where 69.51 billion dollars is spent on custom pet food packaging every year it is obvious to see that these bag labels truly matter to the general public. We want to give our pets and furry buddies the same bits of happiness that the animals on the packaging have. In a world that claims that the inside matters most, we prove over and over again that the outside matters as well. So we might as well make our pet packaging appealing, after all, this is the way that people are going to be lining up to buy these products.