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The Evolution of Picture Taking Means There are More Photographers Today Than Ever Before

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In 1826, Joseph Nicephore Niepce took an image that would become known as The First Photograph. Later, asphalt varnish was applied on copper or a glass plate to create the original photo paper. Nowadays, there is all kinds of technology, printing equipment, and advanced cameras that allow even casual photographers to take detailed pictures of all kinds of images. Everyone from product advertising photographers to those who specialize in wedding photography can find niche roles that allow them to showcase their creativity and even make a nice career for themselves.

Generally speaking, though there are cameras available that can help you take great pictures, professional industrial photographers and others will have better equipment that enables a high quality photo process as a whole and helps them produce clear, crisp images. Plus, they should understand how to use editing software, like Photoshop, to alter images and bring out the best features. Without being a pro, it can be tough to both acquire and master all of the equipment, so they are usually the best qualified to take pictures for paying clients.

The most common pictures in the 1960’s were not of luscious landscapes or breathtaking action shots, instead, 55% were of babies. Today, people take pictures of all sorts of things. Of course, lenses still find their way to kids all the time, but professional product photographers might shoot office tools, corporate event photography specialists can take great pictures for company websites, and industrial photographers can highlight both the beautiful and mundane of blue-collar working life. As a result, photography is a well-rounded industry that has lots of uses.

In the past, in order to get pictures seen, photographers had to either get their work in a gallery or published by a printed magazine or newspaper. Nowadays, however, sharing photos is easier than before, especially with social media. Facebook alone had seen more than 140 billion photos uploaded by 2011, and programs like Instagram allow the least experience picture takers – armed with nothing more than a camera on their smartphone – to take, edit, and share unique photos.

Industrial photographers have a unique role in the industry because they have the ability to take and share breathtaking photos of buildings that can be featured in magazines but also provide a corporate service. Though only a handful might have been able to qualify for those jobs in the past, advanced technologies and developments in the industry means that businesses have more options than ever. More on this topic.