Are You Tired of the Stressful News of Today’s Political Transitions?

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In a time when most of the nation is looking for a diversion from political news it is no wonder that human interest stories are getting a little more attention. From black gossip sites to heart warming stories from urban news sites, the American public is looking for a way to be entertained, encouraged, and enlightened about the good things that people are doing in spite of what some people see as some pretty challenging times.
Whether you are a news consumer who is turning away from the latest polls and protest to black gossip sites for a mental break or yo

Congressman Steve King Flaunts White Supremacist Views on Live Television Interview

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In light of the nation’s extremely controversial and unprecedented presidential election, it seems that many believe that a celebrity with no political background can change our country into a better place. But what about those who are already in office, and who have already sworn an oath to do what they can to protect the citizens of the United States?

Iowa’s Republican Congressman Steve King has come under fire at the Republican National Convention earlier in July. In what some are calling a ‘hate speech’, King went on live television to endorse white supremacy. And while the Continue Reading