Worried about Wedding Day Scams? Avoid Them with These Three Tips

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Did you know that the number of wedding budgets that were over a million dollars doubled between 2011 and 2012? Although most people will spend less than that on their wedding, there’s sometimes a thin line between budget smart, and disaster. For example, The Huffington Post just had an article up about wedding disasters to learn from. One woman met a new baker who would provide cakes for about half the cost of everyone else. She put $200 down, only to discover that the vendor had disappeared when it came time to finalize the cake. To avoid this kind of mistake at your wedding, here are three tips for getting the most without spending money on a fraud.

1. Find Great Companies to Work With

The mistake the above woman made was not calling around for references or choosing a business that had established itself in the local community as a dependable wedding servicer. Don’t just go for companies that offer the lowest quotes, since a low quote company that forgets to come is not worth the money you saved. If you’ve gone to other weddings in the area, ask for recommendations from friends and family.

2. Choosing Rental Over Purchase

For many of your wedding day accessories, it will probably make more sense to rent than to buy. Most people have no real use for 40 maroon table linens. When choosing table linen rentals for weddings, make sure you actually see the cloth itself and not just examples printed on paper, since the sheen and material can cause cloth to look like a different shade in person. Ask for samples so that you can more easily match your linen color to centerpieces, chairs, et cetera.

3. Plan Everything Well Ahead of Time

Just because you don’t really care what your tent looks like, doesn’t mean you should leave this rental decision to the last minute, and to the only vendor you can find in the local area. When you go to look at party tent rentals you might actually be surprised at the range of choices offered to you. Tents help to create a festive type of atmosphere while protecting guests from sun or rain, and can also be decorated on the inside. They come in a large variety of sizes, heights, and coverage.

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