Apple pie Fishing Wedding

An orchard wedding may be the next big thing

Farming and agriculture has become a popular topic for most people these days. People have grown concerned about the environment, lack of natural farming, changes to the way things are grown, made and created within farm lands and now people have begun to think about orchards and farming in a whole new light. An orchard wedding may be the next big thing for any and all brides.

When thinking of an orchard wedding think rustic, natural, homemade, and stunning. There is nothing more beautiful then seeing the stunning colors of apple trees, green grass, blooming flowers, and farm land in pictures. Envisioning a wedding on a farm makes you want to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors with the fresh air, cute animals, and many different activities you can enjoy with all your friends and family. You can have any style wedding on a farm even if you like the finer, fancier things it can still be incorporated into nature. You can have a lush luxurious reception and a delicious menu at an orchard wedding. You can choose to keep things simple, local, and organic if that’s the direction your looking to go as well.

Being out on a farm with your family gives you ample opportunity for dozens of terrific activities to keep the fun going for hours on end. You will have to take a break from the fun just to keep the wedding going, that’s how much there is to offer at an orchard wedding. You can have the kids play games like horseshoes, soccer, football, tag, hide and seek and much more with all the amazing outdoor space available to you. Your guests can go on a hay ride, go fishing in the lake or river close by, visit the vegetable patch, pick apples, and many other super fun activities. Being on an orchard is such a great way to bring back nostalgia for the older generations. Bring back the sweet memories of farm grown pumpkin, hand made donuts, apple pies, apple donuts and all those glorious flavors from years ago. It takes around two pounds of apples to make a nine inch pie, have the family picking apples at the orchard to make pies for the entire wedding party.

An orchard wedding is a great way to get back to nature and enjoy all that the world has to offer. Start your life with the one you love in a beautiful setting surrounded by the ones you love. There are so many different ways to take photos on a farm you can turn your photo shoot into an all day event and catch the fun from every angle. Keeping everyone entertained will be a breeze when you spend a day on a farm.