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Revamp Your Product Packaging to Increase Consumer Traffic and Sales

If you are involved in the marketing and advertising industries, you know how important product packaging can be. The right package design has to power to captivate consumers and motivate them to purchase any given product, while poor packaging and package design may result in sluggish sales and low consumer interest.

Take dog treats, for example. If you’re selling pet treats, it’s important to ensure consumers know what you are trying to sell simply by looking at your pet treat packaging. After all, someone shopping for dog treats doesn’t want to have to waste time hunting on a store shelf for the bag of dog treats they’re looking for. That’s why the right packaging design is important. By having a design that stands out from other brands, consumers are more likely to choose your brand of pet treats over others. This is especially true when you consider the fact that upwards of 80 percent of consumers make their purchase decisions while shopping in the store.

In addition to pet treat packaging, another type of product that benefits from having good packaging design is coffee. There is no denying the fact that people in the U.S. thoroughly enjoy their coffee. The drink is so popular that an estimated 54 percent of Americans 18-years-old and older drink coffee each and every day. While many of those people claim the liquid caffeine helps them remain productive at work, others consume it for the taste and relaxation that comes from curling up with a warm cup of java on a cold day.

Because so many people enjoy coffee every day, that means there are a lot of people who buy coffee beans, either whole or ground, on a regular basis. There is a demand for coffee, which naturally means there is an abundance of suppliers all vying for the same consumers. In order to stand out on store shelves, coffee companies rely on the creativity and skills of their marketing and advertising departments to create strong packaging designs for their printed coffee bags. For many companies, their coffee bag label has to capture the attention of a consumer in order for that consumer to even know a particular brand exists, that’s how much competition there is in the coffee industry.

From pet treat packaging to coffee bag labels and packaging designs, it’s important for companies to understand the real value behind investing in captivating product packaging designs. In some cases, having a good design can make or break a company.