Dont Say These Things When Your Getting a Tattoo!

Getting a tattoo is usually quite the painful experience, but the rewards are unmatchable. Tattoos can completely change your self image, and the right tattoo artist can make your visions come to life. Tattoo parlors are finally starting to open again after the pandemic, so now may be the perfect time to go get that piece that you’ve been daydreaming about! There is clearly a common etiquette used in tattoo parlors, so be cordial, patient, and friendly.

Video Source

This video gives some pointers on what you should never say to your tattoo artist.

First of all, don’t ask for “the price of a sleeve” or the price of “a small piece.” The price isn’t something that is a one-size-fits-all element. A sleeve can have an endless range of prices, depending on the colors used, the detail, and the content. Asking for the price of one will just be frustrating for the artist. Additionally, don’t ever ask for art for free. This is the tattoo artist’s job, in which they should get paid even for making you a rough sketch. Finally, don’t bring all your friends to your tattoo appointment. A ton of tattoo artists enjoy focusing solely on the job, and don’t have time to get distracted.