Largest Demolition Products in The World

Are you remodeling and need a wall removed? Maybe you have an old barn that needs to be cleared out to make space for a new one. Regardless of your reason, it is best to call a professional demo company to help you safely tear down the old. There are several ways to do this, they may use hammers and saws to tear down the old building by hand.

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They may also use a machine like an excavator to assist with the process. However, the most fun method involves setting a small series of controlled explosives. In this video, you will see how the perfect placement of small controlled explosives can effectively take down even the largest of buildings.

The first building on the list is an apartment building in Abu Dhabi. This city is known for its extravagant buildings. This building was no different. It was planned to have a pool, spa, and even a helicopter pad. This was a building for the wealthy elite. It soared above the skyline as a large skyscraper. However, it was sadly never finished due to construction disputes. Instead, it was demolished in 2020. It only took seconds to come crashing down in a heap of dust.