2022s Trendiest Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Everybody know that kitchen cabinets can make or break your kitchen. It is easy to walk into an outdated kitchen and immediately know which decade it was made in. Whether you are looking to touch up your home for spring, or just moved in to a place with horrendous cabinets, it is important to look at what cabinet looks are trending in the interior design world. Before you install a whole wall of custom cabinets that are outdated in style, watch this video about the trending cabinet colors to consider in 2022.

The first trending color this year is black. Dark cabinets bring a wonderful feeling of luxury to a space, providing a classy and sharp element to your kitchen.

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They won’t stick out, and will make your space seem wider and cleaner. Second, sage green makes for a wonderful cabinet color to accent your plants. This gives you kitchen a bright and fresh vibe. A deep navy blue will give your kitchen a seaside look, while grey and white make your kitchen seem timeless and classic. A white kitchen also makes your space look spotless and shiny.