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Four Benefits of Artwork in a Hospital

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It’s understandable to want to make hospital patients feel more at home. Workers in the healthcare industry want their patients to have a great overall experience. One great way to decorate a hospital is with implementing artwork. Having art pieces in your hospital is beneficial for both workers and patients. In this post, you will find out four benefits of including artwork within a hospital.

  1. Helps Reduce Stress Levels

    Unfortunately, there are times when a hospital becomes a stressful environment. Family and friends of patients are nervously awaiting updates. Staff members in a hospital are hard at work ensuring every patient is being taken care of. Including artwork helps to reduce stress levels of an environment. Hanging art both in and outside of patients room works well for keeping everyone’s stress levels under control. A 2011 study by the University of London reported patients experienced a 10% increase in brain activity after seeing a painting.
  2. Great for Keeping Hospital Staff Productive

    One study finds that workers who find themselves in enriched work spaces are 17% more productive than those in nonenriched spaces. Having artwork within a hospital is great for keeping workers feeling productive. Many hospital workers are clocked in for longer amounts of time than the eight hour standard work day. There are healthcare consulting firms that will make finding the right pieces easier. Many members of hospital management will not have time allocated for finding and purchasing art. Hiring someone in the field of healthcare art consulting will save your hospital a lot of time.
  3. Makes Patients Feel More Welcome

    Implementing wall art for hospitals helps make a patient feel more at home. One study by the Arts for Health team did a study where patients were placed near large pieces of artwork. The results of the study found that patients felt more at home and comfortable during their hospital stay. A healthcare art consulting company will help you ensure the right artwork is chosen. You might be asking yourself what is an art consultant. An art consultant is someone who is trained to choose artwork for a business or organization.
  4. Inspires Creativity

    It is amazing what people create with a blank canvas. Seeing works of art helps to invoke that same sense of creativity in many people. Patients may find themselves spending long amounts of time in a hospital room. During this wait, a patient may feel the need to take up a bedside activity including writing or drawing.

In closing, there are several benefits associated with including artwork in your hospital. A healthcare art consulting company will help ensure you find the right kind of hospital artwork. Including art in a hospital helps to ensure patients feel less stressed out during their stay. Artwork helps workers feel more productive which is especially beneficial in a healthcare setting. Patients may find that artwork in their rooms inspires a newfound sense of creativity. It’s no wonder that many hospitals include artwork all around their facilities.