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In a Relationship Rut? How Ballroom Dance Classes Can Pull You Out

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Are you and your spouse in a rut? Have you been married for so long that you have run out of unique and entertaining activities to do together? This is a common problem when a couple has been together or married for many years. It does not mean that you are not a good pair, it simply means that you have to get creative when it comes to entertainment. Ballroom dancing is a great entertainment activity that you and your spouse can do together. Ballroom dancing also provides much more than entertainment.

Ballroom dancing for bonding

Dancing, especially ballroom dancing is an intimate activity. It promotes a sense of bonding that cannot be achieved in any other way. If you have missed the romance in your relationship lately, ballroom dancing may just be the solution you need. If you and your spouse prefer something that is not so intimate, there are many different ballroom dance styles to choose from. Each of the ballroom dance styles has different music and different dance poses, all varying in degrees of intimacy. In fact, ballroom dance refers most often to the ten dances of International Ballroom (or Standard) and International Latin, though the term is also often used interchangeably with the five International Ballroom dances.

Ballroom dancing for exercise

Too many adults do not receive the recommended amount of exercise per day. Eventually, this can lead to poor health and increased mental disorders. Ballroom dance lessons, regardless of the ballroom dance styles chosen, are a great exercise option. You will have so much fun that you won?t even realize you are getting a good work out. More than 80% of adults do not meet the guidelines for both aerobic and muscle strengthening activities, and more than 80% of adolescents do not do enough aerobic physical activity to meet the guidelines for youth. Dance classes can make up for a lot of that missed daily exercise.

Ballroom dance for social interactions

Being married does not always reduce feelings of isolation. When one spouse works a lot, or children responsibilities frequently get in the way, you can feel very alone. Many ballroom dance styles encourage interaction with other dance members, couples, and the dance instructor. Taking a dance class is a great way to reduce feelings of aloneness and isolation. Couples are also able to expand their social and networking circle by socializing with other couples who have the same interests.

Ballroom dance for anxiety

A large percentage of Americans deal with some amount of anxiety, on a daily basis. Anxiety can affect many aspects of your life. It is found that exercise and meditation are extremely effective methods for dealing with and reducing anxiety levels. Dance classes get the body moving and give the mind something else to focus on. Additionally, at the end of a study that compared tango dancing to mindfulness meditation, 97% of participants chose to receive a voucher for a tango class rather than one for mindfulness meditation. The difference is that many people find it easier to focus during a dance class. Meditation often requires that you actively empty the mind, something that many people have difficultly doing.

Ballroom dance for wedding preparation

Many couples go through pre marital counseling. This is supposed to prepare the couple for marriage and what is expected of each spouse. Ballroom dancing is another great way to prepare for not only the wedding, but also for the marriage. The bride and groom dance has significant importance. Consider taking a dance class to bond and prepare for your first dance as husband and wife.

Couples who are married or in long term relationships may go through numerous ruts. These ruts are often a result of boredom and failing to change things up. Finding a mutually entertaining activity, such as ballroom dance, is a great way to spice things up. Ballroom dance also increases social interactions, can reduce anxiety, and can promote regular exercise.