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Get the Party Started with the Perfect Tent Rentals

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Everybody loves a good party. But not everyone loves to be involved in the planning process, and it is no surprise. Planning a major event takes a lot of work. Sure, there are those times when you want to just throw together a little gathering with no expectations, and everyone has a grand time. But then there are the big events, when you really want to make a splash, or when you want to make a day incredibly special.

If that is the type of event you are going for, you will likely want to go all out and find the perfect party rentals to allow for maximum enjoyment. This includes tent rentals, and often there are many other aspects to think about renting as well, such as chairs, tables, linens, and maybe even a dance floor. This is your party, do it up as you best see fit!

Shopping around for the perfect tent rentals

You have a vision for your event. Whether it is a swanky corporate affair, a laid back family reunion, a celebration of love as you host a wedding or anniversary, or a milestone birthday, you know how you want everyone to be able to enjoy themselves. Finding the right vendors can feel like a major undertaking in the beginning, but you may just find that there are those vendors who offer package deals and can supply you with more than you originally came to them for.

For example, perhaps you are looking around at wedding tents. Search for deals that not only offer the perfect tent for the ceremony and reception, but that also offer wedding chairs and tables, a variety of options to choose from when it comes to wedding carpet rentals and linens, and perhaps even a selection of lighting or decor that fits the atmosphere you’re hoping to provide. Getting many of your rentals from one place will greatly simplify your to do list.

Making room for the perfect party

There are a number of different tent rentals, ranging in everything from size to design. You do have a couple of basics, however. The two basic tent styles that you will run into are frame and pole tents, and the two basic materials you’ll run into are vinyl and polyester. Your decision will likely have to do with your vision of how the design fits the event, along with the factors of the strength, durability, and affordability of the tents in question. Just about everything else will have a wide range of elements that you will be able to customize to your event. One major element that you will need to consider as you sift through your major choices is the space that you will need.

You want your party guests to enjoy every moment without having to think about the logistics. One way to help ensure that is by allowing everyone the right amount of space, no matter what stage of the event is underway. You will want to get your guest list going pretty early on, so you can have a pretty accurate count in mind. That way, you can start planning for space. Once you have a guest count, multiply that number by 15 square feet for table seating and eight square feet for the ceremony portion of a wedding or other event with only chair seating. If you are planning on having a head table, count on about 25 square feet for that, and six square feet per person for a cocktail lounge or standing area. Add another two to three square feet to your standing room calculations for a dance floor. Allow those valued guests of yours the room to enjoy every moment.

Tent rentals are a great place to start for your big event. Backyard party tent for a big birthday, a major life milestone celebration tent, or corporate event rentals, you have the imagination, means, and resources to throw the biggest, most exciting and memorable bash of the year.