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Should I Let My Child Practice Skateboarding on an Electric Skateboard?

Skateboard with electric motor

There are more than 11 million people of all ages who enjoy regular skateboarding. Once issue many parents have with the sport is the high risk of injury. If the thought of your child learning to skateboard makes you uneasy, a motor longboard might be a good option over non electric skateboards.

How Is a Motorized Longboard a Better Option For Some Skateboarders?

An electric motorized skateboard is a newer option in skateboards. You might have seen a couple of kids using them in your neighborhood and been intrigued. That interest is also found in other children, who delight in anything battery powered.

How Does a Motorized Skateboard Work? Do I Need to Buy Lots of Batteries?

A motor longboard is powered by an electric motor that runs off of a lithium battery. The actual size or power of the lithium battery depends on the brand and type of board. Some motor longboards can reach speeds of 25 miles per hour, while others move at a sedate 11 mile per hour pace. All the rider must do is balance on the board, and let the lithium battery-powered board do the rest.

Why Do Some People Say a Motorized Skateboard Is Safer or Better For Beginners?

While skateboarding will always have inherent risks, the trick to getting better at any activity is practice. Most parents aren’t comfortable with their child practicing on their skateboard, perhaps due to the dual nature of riding. The skateboarder must balance perfectly while also propelling themselves forward. The chance of falling forward and spraining a wrist is a real concern.

An electric skateboard can take one of those factors out of the equation.For beginning skateboarders, focusing on just one aspect of riding can help them master that one piece before moving on to the next one. Casual skaters and core skaters alike can enjoy the benefits of a motor longboard. A casual skateboarder hops on their skateboard about 25 times each year, which is not quite enough time to help them become truly proficient at the activity. A core skater is someone who heads out on their skateboard at least 26 times each year.

Skateboarding does not need to be a stressful activity for you if your child wants to learn. While accidents will happen with any type of wheeled activity, it is a good idea to wear proper protection such as knee pads and a helmet. If you feel apprehensive about letting your child master the traditional skateboard, consider having them practice with an electric one first instead.