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Learn More About the Health Benefits of Art

Art has the ability to raise people’s spirits, inspire creativity, increase productivity, provide stress relief along with other beneficial effects. Each individual will tend to have their own personal experience of and response to a work of art, such as a still life. Some individuals, however, may respond in a similar way. Given this, a number of studies and surveys have been conducted to learn more about the benefits of having art present in various environments.

Viewing Art and the Joy Response

One study was conducted in 2011 at the University of London. The results showed that when the participants looked at a beautiful painting, their blood flow increased ten percent within the “joy response” part of their brain. This is the same type of response that occurs when a person looks at someone they love.

How Art Can Make a Difference in the Workplace Environment

According to research conducted by Exeter University’s School of Psychology, employees are happier, healthier, and more productive when they have control over their own workspace’s design and layout. Key workplace challenges have also been addressed when art is present in the workplace. According to a survey on these issues, participants agreed that art provided the following benefits:

  • Reduced stress: 78% agreed
  • Increased creativity: 64% agreed
  • Encouraged the expression of opinions: 77%

Employees were also more productive when they were able to decorate their workspaces with art or plants. Enriching workplaces with art can make them more welcoming, according to 94% of the respondents. Furthermore, 61% of the respondents agreed that art also stimulated creativity.

How Art Makes a Difference in Clinics, Hospitals, and Veterans Medical Centers

When a contemporary art collection was introduced at the Cleveland Clinic, over 60% of the patients reported that they experienced less stress. This included a broad range of works produced over the past 30 years, such as fine art posters, public sculptures, images of nature, and abstract designs.

A feasibility study was conducted on a neurology floor by the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center’s Arts for Health staff. In addition to hanging18 large pieces by local artists, the staff also hung art in some of the patients’ rooms. The patients made several positive comments about the presence of art on their floor. In addition to it making them feel more at home, they also felt more comfortable and that the staff cared for them more.

Another survey was conducted in 2013 by the Arts and Health Alliance with 129 Veterans medical centers. The results showed that over half of these centers offered bedside arts programming. In addition to this programming, over 40% of these centers had permanent art collections and rotating art exhibitions along with commissioned paintings or sculptures.

Learn More About Professional Art Consulting Services

Whether you own or operate a hospital, hotel, restaurant, or another type of business, specific types of art, such as still life paintings, can assist with creating an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. In addition to reducing workplace stress, still life paintings and other types of art have the potential to improve healing and boost productivity. Once you speak with a professional art consulting service, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the types of art that can potentially enhance these and other qualities for your business or other enterprise.