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Marketing Your Dog Treat Brand Starts With Good Packaging

One of the most important parts of manufacturing and product marketing, is having good brand packaging. When you first think of most pet treat packaging, what comes to mind? Bold colours, images of the product, and lots of happy pets eager to get a snack. This imaging draws the consumer in with the colours, while the jubilant animals convey that the product is something their pet will love. Strategic design of product packaging is more important than even consumers realize, and when it comes to making your brand stand out, having an eye catching unique design can make all the difference.

Attracting Packaging

When designing custom dog treat packaging, being able to draw in consumers eyes is one of the most important things. When commissioning a design, consider what color schemes and imagery will set you apart from competitors. Being bold and unique is often times important, when you want to stand out from the crowd.

Packaging Communicates the Benefits of Your Product

When it comes to custom dog treat packaging, you want a design that communicates information with form and imagery. In addition to listing important information like nutritional value and ingredients, you want the front of the box to highlight what sets your brand apart. If it’s all natural and you want to market based in ingredients, take that into consideration when commissioning a design. All the information that you include in the packaging can help sway a consumer into choosing your product over a competitor. In fact, around 88% of consumers reported that they’ve made decisions on which brand to purchase, based on reading the product packaging.

Packaging is Functional

Dog treat packaging needs to not only look appealing, but it must be practical and serve to protect the product contained within. Products often get jostled in transport, in stocking, and while on the self; taking sturdy packaging into account when designing custom dog treat packaging is just as important as aesthetics.

Your Brand

If your brand is already known for a colour scheme, or type of packaging, carrying that though into the design of your custom dog treat packaging. Additionally, always make sure that your brand logo is clearly visible, and highlighted. Having these keep features makes it easier to communicate your products to returning customers, and help them to recognize your product straight away.

The Take Away

There are a lot of design factors to consider when it comes to custom pet food packaging, but there is a 20% reported increase in consumer interest, by companies that tend to pay close attention to packaging. Furthermore, a 2016 study from Consumer Insights reported that around 66% of customers have been driven to try a different product, simply because the packaging caught their eye. Packaging holds more power than many people realize, and being able to capitalize on that will only serve to benefit your company in the end. Keep the above information in mind when thinking up what you want to convey with your packaging. It may take a couple rough drafts, but getting the right balance will make for more attention, and more consumer interest when it gets out on the shelf.