Top Typography Trends for 2022

Typography is not only crucial in graphic design and web design services, it is also often the first thing you notice when it doesn’t work right or clashes with a piece. A wonky font can completely throw off a design, or change the feeling of a message. Soft, elegant fonts convey a feeling of professionalism, while more bubbly fonts portray a more playful feel for a design. When your message and typography don’t match up, it can be confusing for the viewer and ultimately skew the goal of your brand.

Video Source

In order to keep up with all the awesome fonts coming out every day, this video provides a few trendy fonts that are sure to be popular this year.

As you can see, many of the fonts highlighted here are all capitalized and very blunt in nature. Large all-caps fonts are used to clearly portray a message and ensure that everything is legible. Fonts like this are used for advertisements and titles in designs. Some other retro designs are introduced as well, bringing back a bit of nostalgia into any piece you are making. The world of free fonts available for graphic design and web design services are limitless!