Social Media Marketing Vs. Management

When you are a business owner, a social media is crucial to getting your business off the ground. With the millions of young people flocking to social media every single minute, these platforms are the most important places to show your products. Whether it be Facebook or Instagram, having an active social media presence can boost your sales, influence, and brand image. Social media management and social media marketing may seem like the same thing on the surface, but they have several differences to note. This video gives the rundown on the similarities and difference between the two jobs.

Video Source

Social Media marketing is usually associated with advertising on social media platforms. These ads are separate from posts, and usually link directly to the sellers website. You can either invest in these ads yourself or hire marketing experts to assist you. On the other hand, social media management is when you actually post on your company’s social media profiles. A social media management agency can handle these posts, or you can make this content yourself. Either way, these two areas of branding are incredibly vital to your company’s image.